Norsonic Multichannel System Nor850 version 1.6 is now released!

The Nor850 version 1.6 is now released. It add new unique features to Sound Power, Building Acoustics and general analyser mode. The main new features are:

Complete setups may be stored with a lock which avoids other users to change current setup files.

A special Marker Bar enables the operator to set single or toggle markers along the time-line during the measurement which later may be found in the NorReview for post-processing.

A new Scheduler feature allows the automated progress of an entire sound insulation test (level, reverberation and background) without any acceptance from the operator.

Hence, complete test may be performed automatically.
Import of individual Nor140 measurement files into the Nor850 projects is now possible. This feature works for level, reverberation and complete building acoustic measurement files.

A new Multi-Rating view is available for displaying all available ratings – even from multiple projects.

When performing reverberation time measurements in multiple positions, a new feature for Ensemble averaging may be used to average the decay curves before calculation the reverberation time value.

The proposed ISO/DIS 16283 with the special corner measurements is implemented as a “Standard”. Hence, the Nor850 version 1.6 offers the ability to test out the new principles.