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Macao (or spelled “Macau”), a famous tourism and gambling city in Asia, has the second highest life expectancy in the world and is one of the very few places having a “very high Human Development Index” in Asia. It is thus not difficult to understand why there is a rapidly growing demand for better and better environmental quality from the citizens.

Due to its high population density, Macao’s roads and buildings are actually located very close to each other. When you stand on the streets, it is so easy to hear a very rich ambient soundscape, comprising sounds from the community, industrial, commercial activities as well as construction works. Due to its rich and complex nature, when people complain about the noise nuisance, sometimes it may not be easy to identify which source is actually the main one causing the problem using traditional measurement equipment.

When the environmental practitioners in Macao visited us during the MIECF 2014, after trying the Acoustic Camera Nor848A, they considered it a breakthrough as a sound chasing device that could be helpful for them to identify sound source, and very impressed by its portability and elegant appearance. Other visitors, coming from the sectors of aviation, transportation, environmental, energy, automobile and government, were introduced to various applications of Acoustic Camera Nor848A on product design, diagnosis, QA/QC and continuous improvement.  Special thanks to our Asia Manager, Michel!

It might be cool to generate a real-time dynamic noise map using a network of acoustic cameras. Hopefully in a not too distant future, we will be able to see a sound chasing device in every corner of the casinos, hotels and facilities in Macao!  Maybe we could use it to trace racing cars during the Macau Grand Prix!

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