This two day SoundPLAN training seminar by Navcon is intended for both SoundPLAN users and those engineers, technicians and hygienists tasked with environmental,
community, and/or industrial noise measurement, planning, analysis and control. Lecture topics include sound propagation theory, national and international noise modeling standards and guidelines (for road, rail, industry and entertainment facilities), noise regulations and noise assessment methods.

Attendees will use the SoundPLAN software to develop noise models, generate noise contours, make noise level predictions at sensitive receiver locations, assess noise mitigation scenarios such as optimizing noise barriers (length, height, absorption, etc.), relocating equipment, applying lagging
treatments, installing silencers, etc. The principal objectives of the training are to introduce attendees to the SoundPLAN user interface and to show how noise modeling software can be used for noise planning, noise mitigation and noise assessment studies.

Download flyer Navcon_Engineering_2014_SoundPLAN_User_Training_Seminar