Some of our most frequently-asked questions:

What is in the box?


SoundBadge is delivered with a rubber bumper case, a shoulder mounting strap, calibration coupler, USB lead for download and charging, manual, and soundViewer software

Where is the latest manual?

Version 2.05 – Download here

How do I calibrate my soundBadge?


soundBadge is calibrated with a standard 94dB acoustic calibrator – these are also supplied by soundBadge.  The soundBadge has a built in calibration procedure to easily calibrate your device.  It is recommended that this process of calibration is performed before each measurement.  Your soundBadge should be returned to an authorszed centre for calibration every two years.

Where is it made?

soundBadge is designed and manufactured in the UK

Where can i download the latest software?

The soundView Software can be downloaded from here.

Where can I get support for my soundbadge ?

If you have any problems with the product or questions on how to use it please use the contact details on this web page for assistance.