4dNoise gladly introduces the next generation acoustic calibration system of Norsonic to Hong Kong with said calibration system designed to meet all the local requirements and international standards. It is a system that provides quick and accurate calibration of instruments for measuring sounds through three varying modes. Apart from the different modes, the system also comes equipped with test report generator which is fully configurable, not to mention it comes with incorporated self test functionalities.

Apart from the launch of the acoustic calibration system, there was a seminar that was held on November 2015 which has generated a lot of discussions and interests from many of its attendees. The attendees of the seminar came from various sectors, from the government, private laboratories and acoustic consultants from all over the country. Some of the topics that were discussed in the seminar tackled topics including the importance of calibration, the standards of calibrating sound level meters, maintenance of the system and more. The calibration system is important being that it is an off the shelf system that can possibly meet all the relevant requirements but only at costs that is but a fraction of those of 4dNoise’s competitors.

Basically, the next gen acoustic calibration system is an all-in-one system that is fully automated and is readily available for upgrade. This system also makes it possible for a person to build their very own acoustic calibration laboratory that conforms to the international standards such as DIN45657, IEC61672, IEC60651 and more. The acoustic calibration system also offers varying features such as test signals that comply with international standards on calibration and many others as well. As for the three different interface modes of the system, it can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

Additionally, when it comes to calibration of microphone’s frequency response, it uses acoustical or electrostatic method. Aside from all these, there are many other features that the system has to provide including the built-in self test functions and fully generated test report. Many of those who have been in the seminar have given positive reviews for the system. Some has even quoted that “The quiet chamber is very innovative,” and that “The sound isolating gadget is very handy and innovative.”This just shows how the new gen acoustic calibration system has provided great advantages when it comes to sound calibration. It can clearly change the way that the field of acoustics is today and lead it to a good future ahead of it.

To know more about the acoustic calibration system, please visit http://4dnoise.com/sound-noise-and-vibration-systems/nor1504a-calibration-system-for-sound-level-meters-microphones-and-sound-calibrators/.  For inquiries, please email at demo@4dNoise.com.