NorReview Norsonic

Norsonic have now released the new upgraded NorReview v6.1.37. The new version contains the following new features:

  • Support for the Nor150 “ProfileB” and “Moving” reports.
  • Nor150 version 1.2 markers are now visible in the NorReview displays.
  • Added “Visible” property for various markers. Available from the Marker Management Bar.
  • Added “Stepping Surface Mesh” setting for the 3D view.
  • 3D graph rotation and view-distance settings are now saved in the NorReview projects.
  • “Pause-samples” are now excluded in the “Running Leq” calculation.
  • “Pause-markers” are now taken into account when doing marker-selected calculations in the Lden and TA Lärm modules.
  • Added support for markers in txt-file import.
  • Improved handling of the graph-image scaling when doing “Generate Word Document”.
  • Support for Profile data in “MultiFile” templates enabling use of multichannel Nor850 measurements in NorReview.
  • Improved handling of date&time columns when doing “Generate Excel Report”.
  • Improved handling of DIN 45681 pure-tone calculations.
  • In addition, there are several minor bug fixes.

Download NorReview Product Data Here