Recently a worker got stung by a swarm of bees during his inspection work at a transmission tower near Shing Mun Reservoir. He had already lost his consciousness when he was rushed to the hospital. Transmission tower inspection is essential in tower maintenance yet can be a dangerous job: it involves tower climbing and subjects workers to other potential risks and bee sting is one of which.

In fact the accident could have been avoided if the worker had been assisted by some technological products. Norsonic Nor848A Acoustic Camera is one of the ideal choices, with which workers do not have to climb up the tower to work at height, but rather work on the ground. They can inspect the towers with the acoustic camera, which enables them to locate sound differences made by malfunctioning tower parts and take proactive action. The acoustic camera improves the inspection efficiency and reduces workers’ chance of accidents at work. For more information about the acoustic camera please visit here.