4dNoise is one of the leading intelligent sensing, simulation and forecasting solution providers in Asia.

We create and supply innovative and cost effective solutions to meet a wide range of applications and needs leveraging our technical know-hows and our partners network with comprehensive best-of-breed technologies.

Up to now, our sensing technologies have been deployed:

  • collecting data for over 3,110,800 minutes
  • processing peta bytes of data
  • sensing at over 80 locations
  • sending tens of thousands of alerts
  • supporting thousands of decision makings

Our solutions have been adopted in various industries, including:

  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Building
  • Community

We have been providing the best available practicable technologies to solve the specific and possibly quite unique problems of our clients.  Such applications include:

  • environmental compliance
  • quality assurance
  • preventive maintenance
  • asset management
  • community management

Please let us know your project needs, whereby we would be very pleased to discuss and explore potential solutions.