ANDANTE is a powerful tool for the construction industry and universally, the first of its kind for site noise management in Asia. It introduces a step change in accepted systems for environmental monitoring and auditing of rail projects. With its already successful pilot use, this tool is expected to be included in future rail projects. With anticipated growing use on sites, we encourage its adoption in all infrastructure projects in Asia.

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ANDANTE has been further extended as a portfolio of automation solutions for environmental, transportation and energy applications.  It further streamlines the very complex and demanding project delivery processes in Hong Kong so as to achieve significant operational efficiency and CSR benefits.  It can be used to manage the EM&A processes addressing all potential environmental impacts (including noise, visual, water quality, air quality, landscape, fisheries, cultural heritage, ecology and more) during the project construction.  The monthly updates on environmental monitoring can be disseminated on the web.

  • Assures environmental compliance & legal obligation;
  • Sustains social, economical and environmental development
  • Saves time, human resources and energy
  • Uplifts professionalism of the green industry
  • Realises our innovation and creative green solutions
  • Enables us to continuously improve efficiency

Our aim is to encourage Automation for Growth, and support our users to streamline their operations and better utilise the limited resources to generate higher values.


ANDANTE uses a network of CCTV and noise and weather monitoring equipment at near 100 locations across Hong Kong. The purpose is to monitor the magnitude of noise created by current and future construction activities by railway operations.

Key features of ANDANTE comprise:

  • Access with security checking
  • User-friendly web interface (Bilingual/VIP access)
  • Automatic e-mail notification system
  • Data administration (view, add, modify, delete/disable data)
  • Data approval and workflow management
  • Record, license and report tracking
  • Deliverable submission, comment and approval system
  • Criteria search
  • User management
  • Project administration tools
  • Automatic report generator and chart generator
  • Figures and photos uploading facility
  • Map-based navigation
  • Content posting and web publishing tool

ANDANTE allows access by authorised parties through a spectrum of IT devices including smart phones and tablets. The system automatically alerts users to noise level breaches while the CCTV allows visual confirmation of source. All data is stored and immediately accessible for use. The system provides substantial savings in manpower and costs for site monitoring works and improves information sharing amongst project parties.

In 2012, ANDANTE was awarded the Certificate of Merit in the Best Green ICT Award category under the annual Hong Kong ICT Awards scheme.



  • B&K
  • Rion
  • 01dB
  • Norsonic


  • Axis

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Some of our prestige users include:

  • HKSAR Government
  • Macao Government
  • Foshan Government
  • SZ Government
  • Tianjin Metro
  • MTR
  • KCRC
  • ELT
  • Penta Ocean
  • SFK
  • Louis Vuitton


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  • Education
  • Aviation
  • Critical Infrastructure