Robust and accurate for monitoring vibrations causing potential damage to structures, buildings or sensitive facilities. Measure long-term peak particle velocity (PPV) and dominant frequency with weather-proof protection. The system can send out alarms and data e-mails wirelessly for off-site notification of the exceedance of limits and remote access to data. The frequency content of waveforms downloaded can be analysed using FFT analysis and the detection of dominant frequency can also be on an FFT basis. It also measures displacement which can be important for low frequency vibration.

You can easily monitor vibrations, which may cause damage to buildings and sensitive equipment or cause nuisance to persons. Vibrations can be caused by traffic, pile driving, demolition work or blasting.

Setting up the system on site is easy: attach the 3-dimensional sensor to the structure to be monitored, switch on the system and start measuring. During measuring the VIBRA displays the current vibration values of the 3 directions including frequency, the maxima, besides date, time, remaining battery capacity, available memory.

The VIBRA can be left unattended to operate continuously for weeks.
The system is robust, lightweight, portable and battery-operated. At the same time, the system provides a fully continuous and automatic registration of the vibration peak values up to a month.

  • Continuous and online vibration monitoring according to a large range of standards such as DIN 4150-2 and -3, BS 5228-2, BS 7385-2, SBR A and B,
    SS 460 48 61, blasting standards SS 460 48 66 and AS 2187.2 and is according to DIN 45669-1:2010.
  • Direct display of measured peak values in X, Y, Z at the project location
  • Real-time interpretation and verification of the vibration levels against ruling codes
  • Downloading data or uploading data without measurement interruption
  • Extended frequency range to 315 Hz
  • Unattended vibration measuring for up to 28 days due to the high-tech, low power consumption electronic design in combination with software intelligence.
  • Wireless automatic data transfer via integrated GPRS/3G
  • Flexible use: direct SMS alarm, e-mail, FTP
  • Real-time data upload to any FTP server
  • Ring memory including ring buffer in FTP mode
  • Additional turnkey online monitoring service via
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  • Direct SMS alarm communication up to 5 selected recipients
    including start/stop functionality
  • Frequency-dependent velocity alarm (smart alarm)
  • Calibration trace visible in PC software
  • ‘Search Networks’ option in the VIBRA+ system. Find the provider
    with the best GPRS connection at the project location
  • Compact, robust field-computer that is very easy to operate.
  • Professional and fast (graphical) presentation of the monitoring results.