NorBuild is a program for the calculation of building acoustic indices as set out in National and International standards.



  • Allows the quantification of the acoustic performance of structures according to a wide range of international, European and national standards, i.e. ISO 717, EN 20717, BS 5821, ASTM, SIA 181 etc.
  • Version 4 includes the test procedure and calculation for the new ISO 16283 standard that replace the ISO 140.
  • Input data can be taken directly from the  Nor140 Sound Analyser (Nor110, Nor118, Nor121, Nor840 or Nor843 analysers), from file or input by hand.
  • Automatic calculation of the rating parameters (DnTw, Rw, LnT,w, etc.) as set out in the standards with the report generator producing the information in the required format.
  • Freely selectable frequency range for the display and calculation of the rating parameters.
  • Input of all the necessary project data is made via user friendly input screens.
  • Graphic and numeric presentation of the results.
  • To comply with their own company style, users may redefine the presentation of the reports.
  • Energy and arithmetic averaging of the data is performed as required.
  • Excel reporter for making customized reports in your local language.

Nor1028/3 CtrlBuild

Control module for Building Acoustics measurements



Interface with the Nor118, Nor140, and Nor843 analysers to fully control the procedure for normal level and reverberation time measurements as well as SweptSine technique.

Support Nor520 Bluetooth Transceiver for wireless communication for Nor118 or Nor140 measuring instruments.

Controls up to two Nor265 Oscillating Microphone Booms in a system.

The user defines the measurement requirements and the associated instrument is then fully set up and the complete procedure controlled by simple mouse clicks.

On-line display of the measured spectra and reverberation time data.

Automatically transfers the measurement results to the NorBuild program to calculate the rating para-meters, thus allowing the two modules to be fully integrated.

The complete data set, measurement protocol and the calculated results are stored together in a project file.

User Interface

For the specialist niche of building acoustics Norsonic has developed a dedicated user interface. The software is called CtrlBuild and runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. CtrlBuild provides exactly the set of control elements that are needed for building acoustics measurements. All it needs are a few simple mouse clicks to select the measurement parameters. CtrlBuild automatically sets all parameters which are self-evident for building acoustics. The CtrlBuild program therfore transforms your general purpose sound level meter into a dedicated building acoustics analyser.


Simple mouse clicks within a Windows interface are used to select the parameters that are required for the measurement. The instrumentation can be configured for one of the four measurement modes Level, Reverberation, Background or Impact. All that is required then is to set the measurement parameters and define the channel allocation. The frequency range can be selected within the limits of 50 Hz to 10 kHz. The choice between parallel (white and pink noise) and sequential (1/3 octave) excitation allows the best compromise between speed and signal to noise ratio to be obtained. The measurement channels can be activated and allocated to source or receiving room for identification by the post-processing program NorBuild.

Once the instrumentation is correctly configured the spectrum of the actual sound pressure level will be displayed on the screen. A simple mouse click will then start the measurement process.

Detection of instrumentation

CtrlBuild automatically detects the connected analysers. When using the function Run auto detection CtrlBuild scans all serial ports to search for a connected Norsonic instrument.

After the scan has finished all detected instruments are listed below the button together with the type and name of instrument. In addition the COM port number, baud rate and type of connection are set up according to the result of the auto detection.

Presentation of results

The results are shown on the computer display for the operator to review. The results for an accepted level measurement are presented as a numerical table, as an Leq/Lmax chart and as an Leq difference chart.

CtrlBuild also provides a graphical presentation of the reverberation decay curve.

Direct evaluation in NorBuild

Measurement data obtained by CtrlBuild can be easily transferred by drag & drop into the post-processing program NorBuild. All the setting information in the CtrlBuild project will be recognised by the NorBuild program.

All you need to do is to enter the room and element data into the test report of NorBuild. The entire building acoustic evaluation according to the selected standard will be presented immediately. It could not be easier!