A complete system for monitoring and reporting the sound level in discotheques, concerts or outdoor events.



  • NorConcertControl (Nor1037) provides real-time monitoring of the actual sound level.
  • NorConcertControl software works with the Norsonic Nor131Nor132Nor135Nor139 and Nor140 Sound Level Meters.
  • The NorConcertControl system confirms to the relevant parts of the EU regulative 2003/10/EC – Noise at work, DIN 15905-5, the Swiss SLV 2007 and IEC 61672 Class 1.
  • The SLM is completely controlled by the PC.
  • All relevant results are continuously updated on the PC-display: Running 1 hour LAeqT, 1-5 min LAeqT, LAF, LAFmax.
  • Optional SMS at pre-selected threshold level.
  • Internal distance-correction allows free choice of microphone position.
  • All measured results are available in Microsoft Excel data format.
  • All results are available as graphical displays and as numerical tables.
  • NorConcertControl is designed as standard Windows software and follows the normal Windows user interface. Running with XP and Vista.


  • Product data: NorConcertControl Nor1037