A new generation of remote control and data acquisition from a sound level meter!

Use your smartphone or notepad to connect with your sound level meter.


NorRemote offers an easy, convenient and efficient way to communicate with the Nor150 and Nor140 sound level meters from a browser anywhere.

This software can be used to control a Nor1531  noise monitoring terminal. Then you can manage, change setup and view the live data even if the terminal is far away. Cost and time efficient!

To download your measurements – use  NorConnect.

Use the program interface to setup & control measurements and reporting, watch the live data in both level vs. time- and level vs. frequency displays, add markers and adjust trigger conditions “on the fly”.

The software runs in the built in web server of the Nor150 (require option 11 in the instrument), while for the Nor140 it is normally run on a small industrial computer connected with the meter.