A powerful tool for post processing and creation of measurement reports based on captured raw data. The program handles up to 6 measured vibration channels and one noise channel.

The program requires that the Nor133 or Nor136 is equipped with option 1, raw data recording.



  • Project oriented system
  • Calculation of all weighted features for multi-file measurements
  • Displays e.g. weighted and un-weighted time signal, frequency spectrum, power density
  • Additional weighting functions available
  • Export of the vibration signals to .WAV or ASCII
  • Zoom
  • Calculated values between cursors
  • Correlation verification between channels
  • Calculation of A(8) for multi-step cycles
  • Report generator based on Microsoft® Word for generating user defined reports
  • Multi language


  • Product data: Nor133 / Nor136 Vibration meters