A program for emulating the Nor131Nor132Nor140 and Nor150 instruments on a PC. Whatever view the sound level meter has (graphs, menus, tables etc.), the same view is visible on the PC screen. The mouse can be used to operate the virtual keyboard. Freeware.



  • NorVirtual  is a simple PC viewer of the screen from the various Norsonic instruments.
  • Whatever view the instrument screen displays (graphs, tables, menus, etc), the same view is visible on the PC screen.
  • Press a key on the instrument keyboard that change the instrument view – and the PC screen change simultaneously.
  • Use the PC cursor to click on any instrument key shown on the PC screen – and the instrument will operate as if it was the instrument key that was pressed directly.
  • NorVirtual communicates with the instrument on the RS-232 or USB interfaces.
  • The NorVirtual software is distributed free of charge together with any Norsonic instrument type Nor131Nor132Nor140 and Nor150.