A program for downloading and converting to Excel of Norsonic measurements from Nor13x-series and Nor140 instruments. Unlike the NorConvert you have a browser feature for full freedom of selecting the measurement files to transfer. Optionally a controlling and remote downloading via 3G/4G is possible.

The basic version is freeware and is included when purchasing a Sound Level Meter.


  • Transfer software for reading-in and converting measured data from Norsonic Sound Level Meters and analysers to a PC.
  • Basic version supports transfer via USB, RS232 or parallel interfaces as well as PC-cards and SD cards.
  • Results may be shown numerically on screen. It is also possible to generate an overview – a selected number of results from different measurement files into one MS Excel® file.
  • Seamless integration to all Norsonic post processing and control programs.
  • Conversion of the transferred data to text format or Microsoft® Excel format.
  • Supports optionally also PSTN modem and GSM modem (option 1).
  • Optionally instrument control for manual setup and download of data via modem or cable (option 2).
  • Version 6 of NorXfer is needed with the new NorReview version 6.
  • Supports Win8


  • Installing the Nor13x-Nor14x device driver


  • Instruction manual Nor1020