Visualising and Reporting Occupational Noise

NoiseAtWork is a powerful tool for visualization and reporting of occupational noise. It is:

  • fit for purpose;
  • easy to use; and
  • cost efficient.

It allows quick and professional mapping of your indoor and outdoor noise measurements.


Fit for purpose
NoiseAtWork is dedicated, fit for purpose software with exactly those options you really need.

Easy to use
NoiseAtWork is extremely easy to use and is fully interactive. It can be learned within minutes. After watching the 5 minute demonstration video you can start working with NoiseAtWork.

Cost efficient
NoiseAtWork is cost efficient. It will significantly reduce the time you normally spend on getting your measurement maps done.

Key features

  • Easy and (cost) efficiënt software for mapping of occupational noise at workplaces
  • Intuitive interface, can be learned within minutes
  • Use of scanned maps and CAD drawings
  • Noise Dose calculations option based on LEX and TWA
  • Noise Prediction option with screening based on Sabine and VDI 2720
  • Available in 12 languages

Download Brochure (PDF)

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