profound  Profound is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art Vibration monitoring and Pile Testing equipment. Unique in the approach is that technology is inside the equipment and that the way to visualize measuring data should be easy and not a struggle. The products are robust, reliable, durable which is combined with a high sensitivity and accuracy. In general the equipment is easy-to-use and world wide already successfully introduced. Finally we like to think along with our client in order to achieve a mutual goal which is a happy end-user.

Pile quality is often determined by performing a low strain integrity test directly after pile driving or within days after installation of cast-in-situ piles. Sonic Integrity Testing is a widely used method for testing the quality of concrete piles in a non-destructive way before they are incorporated in the final foundation plan.

The Profound SIT-series meets the constructions industry’s demand for professional Sonic Integrity Testing of concrete piles. With the Profound SIT-series you can verify the pile length and check the integrity of foundation piles on defects after installation. Testing can point out which piles require further examination.

The SIT-series has been optimised for use in the field as well as for advanced interpretation and efficient management of the measurement data in the office. The SITmodels are robust, easily portable and user-friendly to operate at the construction site. One person can test numerous piles per hour.