The Nor150 sound level meter sets new standards in user-friendliness featuring the largest colour touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today.

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Featuring a large 4.3” true colour touchscreen, the Nor150 provides the user friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include; two measurement channels, built in web server, camera, GPS and advanced voice and text notes bringing the sophistications normally found in laboratory instrumentation out in the field. Connect your smartphone, pad or PC and take full control of the instrument. Add photos and voice notes obtained on your smartphone or pad seamless integrated with markers to your noise data.


  • Environmental noise
  • Building acoustics
  • Sound intensity
  • Noise monitoring
  • Product noise testing
  • Noise in the workplace
  • Infrasound
  • Noise nuisance recorder
  • Front end for Nor850
  • General noise and vibration measurements


  • High Precision Class 1 sound level meter and frequency analyser.
  • Single or dual channel.
  • Large colour touch-screen (4.3”).
  • Real keyboard for quick operation in challenging environments.
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of measurement mode and custom-made user setups.
  • Built in webserver for communication through the internet from anywhere in the world via LAN, USB, WLAN, 3G/4G modem.
  • Voice and text notes, built in GPS and camera help you document your measurements.
  • Wide frequency range for vibration and low frequency measurements (0,4 Hz – 20kHz in 1/3 octave band).
  • 120dB measurement range.
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording and camera.
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software.
  • Multi language support.
  • Extensive on board help system.


Nor150 offer four different views that you can customize. You may rotate between the active views using the VIEW button.
If wanted, some (but not all) of the views can be left unused.

Here is a selection of different display views that the general analyser / environmental mode offers. Building acoustics and Sound Intensity mode offers application tailored displays not listed here.

Each view can either be a single or dual type frame except from L(t)(wide), L(f)(wide), Ln(wide) and Ln.

Available views are


Sound level meter display, only showing global values


Nor150 view – Level vs time display is a Profile display showing the selected level function versus time, but no global values. – available as portrait in single and dual frame mode.


Nor150 view – Level vs time, but only available as landscape (wide) in single frame mode


Nor150 view – Dual view with L/t and L/fLF-view

Level vs frequency display is a Spectrum display and can show spectra for both the on-going time profile and the global results at the same time. Available as portrait in single and dual frame mode.


Nor150 view – Level vs frequency display – wide, only available as landscape (wide) in single frame mode. The graphical display is turned 90 degrees.


Nor150 view – Ln – Combined cumulative and statistical percentage display – only available as single frame displayLn-wide-view

Nor150 viewLn – Combined cumulative and statistical percentage display. The graphical display is turned 90 degrees


Numerical tables – each graphical display has a numerical table as an alternative. Use the TBL button to switch between graphical and numeral display. The TBL button is assigned to the active window. To produce a picture like the one shown below, first tap the lower display so it is active then use the TBL button to switch the lower display numerically.



Nor150 is ideal for all types of environmental noise measurements. Measurements with markers, audio recordings and event triggered pictures are easily made. The large 4.3” display gives you all the necessary information. Up to 60 measurement parameters may be logged simultaneously.
The sophisticated trigger system enable different trigger levels for Day, Evening or Night with event triggers to collect markers, audio recordings and pictures. The data can be displayed remotely on any PC, notepad or smartphone. From the same device, you may change settings or simply check the status of the Nor150.


Environmental Monitoring


  • Twin time profiles with resolution from 5ms and additional Moving report with trigger possibility.
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording, camera and digital output lines.
  • Voice, text and picture notes
  • 5 independent event triggers (LDEN support)
  • Advanced marker management
  • Full remote control from smartphone, PC or pads
  • 0-20 sec graphical back erase / pause function.
  • 0-120 sec Audio pre-trigger.
  • Easy integration to postprocessing programs and Excel.
Building Acoustic

Norsonic continue its long-time tradition for creating the state-of-the art building acoustic analysers. The Nor150 is no exception in this respect! It can be used as a manually operated single or dual channel building acoustic analyser, or as a remotely controlled advanced building acoustic frontend for the Nor850 multichannel system.

The Nor150 offers a built-in signal generator for excitation of the source room level measurements or for excitation of the reverberation time measurements. The results are measured in accordance with the ISO 16283 Standard requirements. With additional background level measurement results, the Nor150 has an on-board calculation of the final airborne sound insulation indices DnT and Rw in accordance with ISO 717. Of course, the similar possibility is available for impact sound insulation index Ln,w using a tapping machine such as the Nor277.
The reverberation time excitation may alternatively be based on an impulsive source. In any case, the Nor150 calculates the results for T15, T20 and T30 in parallel.

The Nor150 analyser is seamless integrated with the Nor850 software, either as a remote frontend to the Nor850 Measurement System, or as a manual measurement tool for exporting measurement files to the post processing Nor850 Reporting System.


Building Acoustic


  • Complete calculation of airborne, façade and impact sound insulation indices in accordance with international and national Standards.
  • Single or dual channel measurements.
  • Reverberation time measurements with parallel calculation of T15, T20, T30, Tmax and EDT.
  • Ensemble averaging of reverberation decays.
  • Backward integration of reverberation decays based on impulse excitation.
  • User adjustment of individual RT decay lines.
  • Signal generator with white, pink or bandpass filtered noise for increased S/N ratio in demanding environments.
  • Supports multiple microphone and loudspeaker positions with corresponding on-board energetic or arithmetic averaging.
  • Project overview with information about all individual measurement details and project progress.
  • Seamless integrated with Nor850 reporting software.
Sound Intensity

The Nor150 fitted with sound intensity option and the sound intensity probe kit Nor1290 is a powerful tool for all type of sound intensity measurements. It is designed for easy use in all type of measurement conditions.

The remote control handle using a Smartphone as a measurement control and displaying device forms a light weighted and easy to use system, allowing the user to perform all measurements with a single hand operation. The Smartphone communicates via WiFi with the internal web server running in the Nor150. The system may also be used with the sound intensity probe directly attached to the Nor150.


Sound Intensity


  • Sound Power measurements in accordance with
    – ISO 9614
    – ANSI S12.12
    – ECMA 160
  • Noise Mapping
  • Noise Source locations


  • Compliant to IEC 61043 Class 1
  • Full on-board support for ISO 9614-2
  • Unique phase correction allows measuring 25 Hz to 10 kHz with 12 mm spacer
  • Intuitive warning indicators
  • Measurement-based suggestions for improving results
  • Automatic measurement sequence
  • Pause and back-erase with graphical display
  • Full measurement edit support (segment exclusion, resize, retake)
  • Add segment support
  • Export to Nor850 mapping and reporting software
  • Photo, text and voice annotation
  • NorRemote app for smartphone remote control
  • Support for ½” and ¼” microphones


The Nor150 Analyser is designed to be expanded and upgradeable to give you a complete measurement tool for years to come. Norsonic’s retrofit policy ensures regular software updates with new features and new options followed by a 3 years warranty.

Nor150 basic

Nor150 basic unit includes A, C and Z weighting networks with measurement of Leq, LeqI, LE – sound exposure level, SPL, Lmax, Lmin with parallel detection of Fast, Slow and Impulse time constants, statistical calculation of Ln, and TMAX5. The measurement data is analysed as global values in addition to two parallel time profiles with an adjustable resolution ranging from 5ms to 24h. All interfaces and voice and text annotation included.

Option 1: Built-in camera and GPS

The internal camera is meant for documentation purpose before or after a measurement. The picture files are stored in the same project files as the measurement it belongs to.

Event triggered pictures requires an external IP camera or camera found on devices such as smart phones or pads. Pictures captures during a measurement is marked as events in the L/t graph and can be view in Nor150 or in NorReview

The GPS is used for position identification. Later software versions will also support exact time synchronisation. Time synchronisation is especially useful when several Nor150 units are used for capturing the same noise event, such as blast monitoring. The GPS position is stored as a part of the measurement file. It may also be set to be a part of the file name.

This option is not available as retrofit and must be ordered along with the instrument.


Internal camera for documentation purpose

Option 2: Second Channel

Input channel two is located on the left side of the instrument, well protected from dust and moisture by a rubber cover.

The second channel is a standard 7 pin Lemo connector with the same specifications as the main channel. It supports both standard 7 pin lemo preamplifiers as well as IEPE preamplifiers and accelerometers. Included is also SysCheck signal for check of outdoor microphones like the Nor1216 and Nor1217.

This option is not available as retrofit and must be ordered along with the instrument.


Option 3: 1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters

1/1 and 1/3 octave filters (0,4-20kHz in 1/3 octave band) including multi-specter functionality in time profile A.

A 3 order analogue high pass filter with a -3dB point at 3Hz may be selected to avoid overloading the input circuitry from low frequency noise.

Option 4: Audio recording and markers

This option extension adds audio recording and marker management to the Nor150. The Nor150 is the third generation of sound analyser from Norsonic that is fitted with audio recording. We were the first company that added audio recording into a Sound Level Meter. With the introduction of Nor150, the audio recording is further refined with the possibility to also replay the recording on the meter itself without any need of transferring the data to a PC. The option 4 adds a sophisticated but easy to use marker management indispensable for every environmental noise assessment tasks. The user can select up to ten makers, add names, colour and associates the marker to an action. The marker can either be a single or a toggle marker. The action can be; enable a reference tone, start a recording, take a picture or set one of the digital outputs found on the 15pin socket. It is easy to add markers on an ongoing measurement. Voice and text notes may in the same way as markers be added to an ongoing measurement. The markers can be moved or deleted. Markers may also be added after a measurement is elapsed.

The Nor 150 also offers six system markers that are automatically inserted in the Level versus time profile. These are; Measurement Pause marker, Measurement continue marker, Audio recording marker, Picture marker, Signal overload marker, Battery low marker, Event trigger marker.

The Nor150 is seamless integrated to the PC program NorReview (Nor1026) to further evaluate and calculate the noise data and to create customized reports.


  • Single or dual channel audio recording
  • 12 or 48Khz audio recording sampling rate
  • 8, 16 or 24 bit audio recording resolution
  • 0 to 60dB digital audio recording gain
  • 0 to 120 sec audio recording pre-trigger
  • Sophisticated marker management system


Nor150 Option 4 – Audio recording and markers including 1 event trigger


Nor150 Option 4 – Audio recording and markers including 1 event trigger

Option 5: Sound intensity

Sound intensity is a powerful measurement method in situations where traditional methods proves difficult or not feasible. With the new features of the Nor150, sound intensity measurements are significantly easier to accomplish than ever before, and may actually be less time-consuming than
corresponding sound pressure methods.

Nor150 equipped with the sound intensity option and the Nor1290 probe kit is a powerful tool for all types of sound intensity measurements, from high-precision laboratory conditions to demanding and rough field use.


Sound Intensity

Thanks to the unique phase correction algorithm, only a 12mm spacer is necessary to cover the entire frequency range from 25 Hz to 10 kHz. This significantly reduces the time spent in-situ, and allows measurements of highly reactive sound fields.

Sound intensity is especially suitable for sound power measurements of non-movable machinery in industrial environments, measurements of driven machinery, industrial plant exhausts and pipes both indoor and outdoors.
In-situ building acoustics may benefit from the intensity  technique, both for transmission loss and sound leackage detection. And for research & developement applications, sound intensity provides powerful noise map visualisation.


  • Sound Power measurements in accordance with
    – ISO 9614
    – ANSI S12.12
    – ECMA 160
  • Noise Mapping
  • Noise Source locations


  • Compliant to IEC 61043 Class 1.
  • Unique phase correction allows measuring 25 Hz to 10 kHz with single 12 mm spacer.
  • Full on-board support for ISO 9614-2 sound power measurements.
  • Smartphone remote control for single-hand operation, all measurement data presented during measurement.
  • Intuitive warning indicators makes sound power measurements easy.
  • Measurement-based improvement suggestions helps the user on the way, no need to consult the ISO standard.
  • Pause and back-erase with L(t)-graph.
  • Integrates with Nor850 visual mapping and reporting software for advanced post-processing.
  • Configurable measurement sequence.
  • Full measurement edit support (segment exclusion, resize, retake).
  • Photo, text and voice annotation for individual segments.
  • Accepts legacy sound intensity probes

Option 7: Signal generator

Signal generator with sine, white, pink, band passed filtered noise.

Option 8: Reverberation Time decay and calculation of T20 and T30

Reverberation Time decay and calculation of T20 and T30 based on impulse or noise excitation. Requires option 3. Requires also option 7 if RT shall be based on noise excitation.

Option 9: Complete Building Acoustic mode

Complete Building Acoustic mode with microphone position room averaging in accordance with ISO-16283 as well as sound insulation indices calculated in accordance with ISO-717/1 and /2. (Req. opt. 3, 7, 8).

Option 11: Internal web server with enhanced noise assessment functions

Enhanced noise assessment package with internal web server including NorRemote for remote control via smartphones, pads and PC and additional four triggers for independent setting of different trigger levels during a day. Requires option 4.



The Nor150 sound and vibration analyser is supplied with ½” preamplifier Nor1209 and the ½” measurement microphone Nor1225. It conforms to the latest revision of the following National and International standard including amendments, all type 1 / class 1; IEC61672, IEC60651, IEC60804, IEC61260, DIN45657, ANSI S1.4, ANSIS1.11, and ANSI S1.43.

Measured Parameters

Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LeqI, LMax, LMin, LE, LEI, LPeak, Ln and Tmax5.
Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow and Impulse (Simultaneous).
Spectral weighting functions: A, C and Z – weighting (Simultaneous).
Frequency analysis: 1/1 and 1/3 octave real time filters from 0,4 Hz to 20 kHz.
Statistical calculations: 8 individual adjustable percentiles from L0,1% to L99,9%, The statistical calculations are performed in real time within each frequency band and for each profile period if period length is set longer than 2 minutes. User can select between Fast or Slow time weighting as basis for the statistical calculation.

Measurement control

Overall measurement duration: 1 sec – 7 days. (If set to Repeat or Synchro mode a new measurement will be started automatically, with no time gap between each measurement.).
Time profile A resolution: 5 ms – 24 hours including full frequency spectra. From 1 sec if profile B or Moving is enabled.
Time profile B and Moving resolution: 1s – 24 hours. A, C and Z –
no frequency spectra.
Back erase in Pause mode: 0-20 sec free selectable graphical back erase.

Audio recording

12 and 48 kHz sampling rate / 8 , 16 and 24 bits / 0-120 sec pre-trigger.

Measurement range

One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments.
Self noise measured with 1/2” microphone with a nominal sensitivity of 50mv/Pa: 17 dBA.

Maximum RMS level 137 dBA, Maximum Peak level 140 dB PeakC.
The high SPL mode enables measurements up to 194 dB using a suitable 1/4” microphone.

Noise Generator

Built in noise generator with Sine, White, Pink and 1/1 and 1/3 octave band passed filtered noise and Impulse noise.

Sound Intensity

Full on-board support for ISO9614-2 with intuitive warning indicators and measurement based suggestions for improvements. Fulfils IEC61043 class 1 requirements.

Dynamic capability Nor150 combined with Nor1290 Sound Intensity probe with 12mm spacer; >18dB (125Hz -10kHz), >13dB (f ≥40Hz)

Reverberation Time

Parallel calculation of T15, T20 and T30 in addition to Tmax for Noise excitation and EDT for impulse excitation.


4,3” colour display, ¼ VGA with capacitive touch. Protected by an anti-smudge coated and scratch-proof glass.

GPS / Camera

Built in GPS.

Built in Camera for annotation before and after a measurement. Support for use of external IP or device cameras for event triggered pictures during a measurement. The event captured pictures are automatically timestamped, transferred to Nor150 and are bundled with the measurement.

Datastorage / Datatransfer

Storage modes: Manual, Auto, Repeat and Synchro. Synchro  synchronise the start of the next measurement to the next full hour.

Internal memory: 350 MB – not used for measurement storage.

Micro SD card: Up to 64 GB, supports XC and HC standard.

Data can also be stored on an external USB stick.

Data transfer via LAN, USB and high-speed RS232. Supports WLAN and GPRS – 3G/UMTS – 4G/LTE via USB.


Microphone input: Two microphone inputs (Second channel optional). Supports standard 7 pin lemo preamplifiers including SysCheck, Microphone heating, TEDS and IEPE. Polarization voltage: 0, 70 and 200V. Preamplifier voltage is ± 15V. Both channels are connected to the main microphone input in Sound Intensity mode. Channel 2 is multiplexed and replaces the SysCheck feature.

Comment microphone: Via 3 pin mini jack.

Analogue outputs

AC out, 100mV full scale on 15 pin I/O socket.

3 pin mini jack headphone socket for replay of voice notes, listen to microphone AC signal or replay of audio recordings. Comment microphone for voice notes is connected to same plug.

Signal generator on 15 pin I/O socket with Pink, White, Band-pass filtered, sine and impulse noise.


Rechargeable 3,5Ah Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge.
External power 10-28Vdc 3-5Watt.

Typical battery lifetime: 8 hours.

Dimensions (ex. preamplifier and microphone LxWxH): 240 x 82 x 39mm.
Weight (including preamplifier and microphone): 700g.

Accessories included (standard package)

Nor150, Precision Sound Analyser with A, C and Z weighting networks, Parallel time constants, Statistical calculation and time profile A.

Supplied with:

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Mains adaptor Nor345
  • Carrying case Nor1340
  • 32GB micro SD card
  • USB cable Nor4525
  • Microphone Nor1225
  • Preamplifier Nor1209
  • Windscreen Nor1451
  • WiFi dongle Nor4614A
  • Instruction manual,
  • 3 years warranty and calibration certificate
  • Nor1051 NorConnect software for file transfer & measurement view
  • NorVirtual – sound level meter emulation program.


Brochures / Product data

  • Product data Nor150 – English


  • Nor150 brochure – German


  • Brochure Sound Level Meters


Type approvals

  • LNE – France


  • BEV – Austria


  • PTB – Germany


  • METAS – Switzerland