Aircraft Noise Propagation simulations are in accordance to the various European aircraft noise regulations. Enter your model, calculate Grid Noise Maps, and combine the results of the noise from flying aircraft with the noise from ground operations, traffic sources, etc.

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Why Aircraft Noise Calculations?

Aircraft noise can be measured and simulated with specialized software like SoundPLAN. Noise monitoring and measurement can only measure the noise that is present. During the planning process for an airport or a new runway, simulations are used for the different scenarios and to evaluate different approach and departure procedures.

Measurements always measure the entire noise environment. It is not possible afterwards to do creative accounting and show that of the 67.5 dB the majority was car traffic and industrial noise and only 61 dB came from flying aircraft. This type of analysis is only possible with simulations.

Simulations are used to study and support a staged pricing structure for landing fees depending on the number of noise exposed persons. If a noisy aircraft wants to land at night, the landing fees should reflect the cost to the population. If a noisy aircraft wants to land, it should cost more than a quiet airplane landing.