Nor263B Hand switch (Nor139/Nor140/Nor150)

Remote hand switch with 5m cable for external triggering of start or audio recording (if applicable) on Nor139Nor140 and Nor150.

Nor263B Hand switch for Nor139, Nor140 and Nor150


Nor520 Bluetooth receiver

Nor520 Bluetooth tranceiver

The Nor520 Bluetooth transceiver replaces the use of data interface cable between the measuring instrument and the PC. Hence, it is useable as a wireless alternative for many applications, and in combination with both the Nor139 and Nor140 (Nor118) sound level meters. Wireless download of measurement files may be performed using the NorXfer software, and wireless building acoustic systems may be achieved when used in combination with the CtrlBuild feature in the NorBuild software.

It is a compact unit plugged directly into the data communication part of the Nor139 and Nor140 (Nor118). The unit is supplied from the sound level meters internal batteries. The transmitting distance in free sight is 300 m.

Nor1263A Microphone chamber

Nor1263A Microphone chamber