Norsonic has a carefully selected range of single and triaxial accelerometers.

All accelerometers are piezoelectric share type with integral preamplifier, so called IEPE or ICP accelerometers.


Nor1270 General purpose single axis accelerometer

Nor1270 is a general purpose accelerometer for industry and laboratory use.

Nor1270 General purpose single axis accelerometer

Nor1286 Triaxial seat pad accelerometer

Nor1286 Triaxial seat pad accelerometer

This triaxial seat accelerometer is designed for whole body measurements according to ISO 2631 and ISO 8041. The integral cable is 2m and the connector fits the Nor133 and Nor136 vibration meters. The seat pad consists of a rubber pad, an aluminum mounting adapter plate to where a triaxial accelerometer type Nor1288 is mounted. The Nor1288 accelerometer is detachable for calibration purpose.

Nor1286 configuration


Nor1287 Triaxial miniature accelerometer

Nor1287 Triaxial miniature accelerometer

This accelerometer is designed for hand arm vibration measurements according to ISO 5349 and ISO 8041 as well as general vibration measurements. The small physical dimensions and weight ensures low influence and easy mount on the measurement object.

Nor1287 configuration


Nor1288 Triaxial accelerometer

Nor1288 Triaxial accelerometer

The triaxial accelerometer Nor1288 is designed for general vibration measurements and as a reference accelerometer when conducting whole body measurements using the 6 channel vibration meter Nor136. The Nor1288 is then mounted on the vehicle itself and the corrolation between the vehicle vibrations and the drivers seat can be measured.

Nor1288 configuration

Nor1289 Lemo 7 pin 1B male to 2xLemo 00- 4 pin female adapter

Nor1289 Lemo 7 pin 1B male to 2xLemo 00- 4 pin female adapter for vibration meter Nor136. Included in vibration meter Nor136 deliveries.

Nor1289 Lemo 7 pin 1B male to 2xLemo 00- 4 pin female adapter

Nor1291 Handle adaptor plate for triaxial accelerometer Nor1287

Nor1291 Handle adaptor plate for triaxial accelerometer Nor1287

The small dimension and low weight makes the Nor1291 easy to mount it on the handle bar on various devices for testing Hand Arm vibrations in accordance to various standards, such as ISO 5349. Mounting screw for accelerometer is 3mm.

The adaptor plate is strapped to the handle bar by using a standard cable tie. Maximum dimension of the cable tie is (WxH) 5,9 x 2,9mm. This allows use of both plastic and steel cable ties.

Nor1292 Triaxial geophone

Nor1292 Triaxial geophone

The triaxial geophone Nor1292 is a sensitive transducer for vibration velocity based on a rugged geophone construction used by seismologists and geophysicists for decades. One main application is for the measurement of vibrations in buildings. The frequency response is essentially flat from the resonance frequency 4,5 Hz and up to at least 500 Hz. However, by using the frequency compensation found in some Norsonic instruments like the vibration meters Nor133 and Nor136, the applicable frequency range may be extended downwards to 1 Hz. This also applies if the signal is measured as function of frequency, e.g. 1/3-octave bands where frequency correction may be used.

The transducer is a passive device and needs no power for operation.

The geophone Nor1292 plugs directly into the input socket of the six channel vibration meter Nor136. It will then connect directly to channel 1, 2 and 3. A second geophone may be connected to channel 4, 5 and 6 of the same Nor136 instrument by the use of an adapter. By the use of adapters, the unit may be connected to the triaxial vibration analyzer Nor133.

The unit may also be applied in connection with a suitable sound level meter like sound analyser Nor140. Only one direction can then be measured at the time by a one-channel instrument.

Measurement range

The measurement range is limited upwards by the maximum displacement the transducers can handle and the maximum acceleration where the transducer follows the movement of the supporting surface. The maximum displacement is 1,8 mm peak-to-peak giving an RMS-value of 0,6 mm. Below resonance this will increase since the coil will follow the movement of the housing. If the acceleration is too high, the geophone will not follow the vibrating surface to be measured. The limit in the diagram below is set to 2 m/s2.

The frequency response may be corrected for use below the resonce frequency of 4,5 Hz


The lower limit is set by the noise floor in the transducer and measuring instrument. If the instrument has an electrical noise floor of 0,3 μV – achievable for restricted frequency bands – this corresponds to a vibration level of 10-8 m/s or 0,00001 mm/s with the nominal sensitivity of 26 Vs/m. The noise in the transducer itself is even lower – mainly determined by the source resistance of 380 ohm which corresponds to about 0,04 μV in a bandwidth of 250 Hz.

Nor1292 Certificate of Calibration

Nor1438 Cable BNC/LEMO

Nor1438 Cable BNC/LEMO

Nor1438 is a BNC to Lemo cable. Having a length of 2 metres, this cable is a 3 mm thin and flexible cable with BNC connector in one end and a Lemo male in the other end. For connection of an electrical signal to a measuring instrument using Norsonic Lemo system.

Nor1438 configuration

Nor1456 TNC to microdot adapter

Nor1456 TNC to microdot adapter

Nor1466 BNC to microdot adapter

Nor1466 BNC to microdot adapter

Nor1480 (1,5m) and Nor1481 (5m) Microdot cable

Microdot-microdot cable suitable for use on Norsonic accelerometer Nor1270 and Nor1271.

Nor1480 (1,5m) and Nor1481 (5m) Microdot cable


Nor 4553 1,5 and 5 m cable with 3 x BNC connectors to a 4 pin Microcom connector.

Nor4555 Triaxial cable

Nor4555 Tri-axial cable

1,5m cable for connecting a Norsonic triaxial accelerometer to Nor133/Nor136 vibration meters, fitted with 4 pin Lemo connectors.

Nor4555 configuration



Nor4556 Triaxial cable

5 m cable for connecting a ZWB/GS3T Geophone to Nor136 vibration meters.

Nor4557 Mounting Magnet

Nor4557 Mounting Magnet

Nor4557 Mounting magnet with 4mm thread for use with Nor1288 triaxial accelerometer.

Base diameter 30mm. The Rare-earth magnet material ensures a high magnet mounting force.



Nor4561 1,5 and 5 m cable 4p Lemo 00 male to 3 x BNC


Nor4562 2m cable 4p Lemo 00 male to 3x microdot

Nor4571 Microdot to 7pin Lemo cable

This cable is for connecting an IEPE accelerometer such as Nor1270 to the Sound Analyser Nor140. Cable length is 1,2 m.

Nor4571 Microdot to 7pin Lemo cable

0508018 BNC-BNC female connector adapter

BNC-BNC female connector adapter

BNC-BNC female connector adapter


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